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We are an active club that paddles whitewater and flatwater in canoes, kayaks and sea kayaks. Our current schedule of activities is available and includes trips throughout the midwest. Located in northwestern Illinois - eastern Iowa, USA, where Interstate 80 crosses the Mississippi River, we live in an area known locally as the Quad Cities, comprised of Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa. Long before John Deere moved to the banks of the Mississippi River in Moline, Illinois, this area was home to a band of Fox Indians. Their village, Saukenuk, overlooked the banks of the Rock River, and is now occupied by the Blackhawk State Historic Site.

Given our unique location and access to the Interstate roadways, we travel near and far in pursuit of our ultimate paddling adventure. The club's float trips can be as close as the Mississippi River, or, as far away as North Carolina or Colorado.

The Saukenuk Paddlers Canoe and Kayak Club started as the idea of two canoe and kayak enthusiasts who entered the Maquoketa River Canoe Trail Race in the spring of 1977. The idea grew to a point that our club was born later that year. The name "Saukenuk" was taken from local Indian lore, and the word "Paddlers" was chosen because it is used in both kayaking and canoeing.

Meetings are held the last Wednesday of every month (except November and December) at 7:00 pm., local time, in the American Red Cross Building, 1100 River Drive, Moline, IL. Paddling adventures are scheduled for almost every weekend from ice out until the leaves fall.

Our newsletter, CANEWS, is published monthly and has the most up to date information on scheduled float trips and club gossip. Download the current copy, in PDF (Portable Document Format), from the links to our Newsletter.

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